Friday, April 27, 2012

Kingly Wisdom

One of the defining characteristics of great literature is that it remains relevant decades, even centuries after it was written.  I just started rereading Stephen King's dark fantasy "The Eyes of the Dragon" (published 25 years ago), and ran across this little tidbit that made me sit up and say "DAMN!"  It's a line spoken by Flagg (villain of the story, as well as many of King's other masterworks), advising a young and unprepared king of the realm on fiscal policy:

"We must tax [the farmers] more on what they admit they own, so we can collect at least some of what's due us on all they hide from the tax collector."
The perfect credo for the Occupy movement and Buffett Rule enthusiasts everywhere, out of the mouth of a character who represents basically Satan himself.  Well put, Mr. King, well put.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How NOT To Market on Facebook

I'm sorry, Homeland.  I really am.  You're my very favorite new show of the past year, and I'm excited to see the new season when it starts later this year.  So excited, in fact, that I "liked" you on Facebook, so that I'd be notified of your premiere date, and maybe get some early news articles on production, or even an early peek at the trailers.  But in the offseason, all you get is random quotes from the show.  And as good as Homeland is, it just isn't a quotable show.  To a fan, it's repetitive; to a non-fan, it's confusing; to a potential fan, it's sometimes even a spoiler.  And at least right now, that's all that your account is posting.  So as much as I didn't want to do it, I had to block you from appearing in my news feed.  I might promise to unblock you as the fall season draws near, but we both know that I won't remember to do it, especially since I know that Ron & Fez will tell me when it's time to start watching again.  I'm disappointed, Homeland, because I know that you could have done so much more.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Liberal Compassion

One of the most common "bashes" of conservatives by liberals is that conservatives "lack compassion" for other people.  To illustrate, I'd like to present a few examples of that liberal compassion:

Rolling Stone - "Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche"
Posted just over 12 hours after Breitbart passed away.

A sampling of "burn in hell" tweets as the news was breaking.

This is the reaction to the very premature death of a father of four young children.  Very compassionate, indeed.

Afterthought: Some liberals lack compassion, some conservatives are very gullible.