Friday, May 15, 2009

Back Door Man

New York politicians have a little bit of a history of going after video games over content--most notably Sen. Chuck Schumer with 25 to Life and former Senator Hilary Clinton with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Fortunately for people who enjoy a little bit of violent content in their fictional entertainment, there's very little they can do thanks to ye olde First Amendment.

But fortunately for nanny-state government officials, there's a way to force your will through the back door, as discovered by an obscure New York State Assemblyman: rule it a "health risk", slap a sin tax on it, and add one more burden to the ever-growing list of "wealth redistributions". "It's bad for you" is the new "Think of the children"--the battle cry of the banal and the bland.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


OK, I'm mainly posting about this so I can put up the picture at the left--can you blame me?

Good for The Donald, though. Who'd ever have thought that he'd be a champion for free speech and the right to express a different opinion? All Carrie Prejean did was give an honest answer to a question. And just whose idea was it to make that little weasel Perez Hilton a pageant judge--a female beauty pageant, at that? As far as I can tell, his only qualifications for any sort of notoriety are being a flaming homosexual and drawing cock'n'ball pictures all over his site, like a junior high kid doodling in his textbooks. By that criteria, I'm halfway there myself. The guy's just an asshole--proving once again the old adage, "You are what you eat."