Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'll let Homer and Lisa explain the term:

And that leads to these two stories:
Obama's approval rating among Twitter users is over 60% has been bought by a Democratic SuperPAC

Thus, the crisis and the opportunity for the Republican party.  The crisis: the GOP, by and large, is not working the internet and social media, and indeed seems not to understand how.  They're ripe for the picking off, or at least the picking on, by prank-minded Democrats such as those who bought Gingrich's namesake website.  The opportunity: if one of the Republican candidates (or their campaign management/staff) can figure out how to use "new-fangled" technology and social media correctly, there's a small but vocal left-wing base out there who can either be converted or marginalized.  At the very least, Republicans can add their voice to a platform that is largely a monotonous drone of Obama support right now, and in this election year, that can only be a good thing.