Monday, September 20, 2010

Delaware Gets Teabagged

Great job, Delaware Republicans. Way to throw away a sure U.S. Senate seat pickup in favor of a lost cause. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Look, I don't agree with Castle's voting record 100% either (most notably his support for cap-and-trade, but that's a topic for another time). We could have sent a moderate Republican who can work with the Democrats in Congress and the White House, engaging in discussion rather than screeching and feces-flinging that's better suited to howler monkeys than elected officials. Instead, we've got a choice between Christine O'Donnell, a paranoid maniac who can't manage her own finances and believes that pregnant rape victims should be forced by law to carry the consequences of their attack to term, and Chris Coons, a man who's never been elected to office above the county level (the highest office he's held is county executive--the equivalent of being mayor of a city with a population of around half a million) and managed to convert a budget surplus when he took office into a whopping deficit in just four years, only managing to pull out of it with three property tax hikes over that same period.

There are no high cards in this hand, folks....just a bunch of jokers. That's why I'll be pulling the lever for Libertarian Jim Rash in November. It's a wasted vote, but it's the only call I can make in this election that'll allow me to sleep at night.