Friday, April 14, 2006

It's Funny Because It's True

From Cox & Forkum, a site which is going on my permalink list. Hat tip to Op-For for the cartoon and hat tip to Vodkapundit for letting me know that the Officers' Club has become Op-For.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dateline's Wacky NASCAR Adventure

Dateline NBC sends Muslims to NASCAR event in search of prejudice

I guess this really isn't much of a story. Anyone who's read Bernard Goldberg's excellent book Bias (or really, anyone with a modicum of common sense) knows that "magazine" shows like Dateline NBC are 4 parts entertainment, fluff, and shock value to every 1 part "hard news". They love to find the scary things all around us, and point out how evil and racist America is (although I must admit, I love the Perverted Justice pedophile-busting episodes). So they send a group of Arab Muslims to walk around a NASCAR event, which everyone knows is crawling with backwoods Republican-voting redneck racists. And not just any NASCAR event, many of which are held in or near urban areas like Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Dover...they sent them to the race in Martinsville, arguably the most backwoods track on the circuit. So surely, these Muslims wandering around the event with their backpacks got heckled and harassed, right?

Click here to hear what happened.

I wonder if NBC will air the footage showing that even in the heartland, the majority of people are tolerant of others, at least when out in public. Somehow, I doubt it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Star Wars Kid

From the Ultra-Frivolous Lawsuits File:

Star Wars Kid settles lawsuit against classmates

If this Frederica Bimmel lookalike contest winner gets one thin dime out of this, it's way too much. He honestly expected over $300,000 because he filmed himself flailing around like a dumbass with a pole, then left the tape in a school-owned camera and put it back on the shelf for anyone to come along and find. "The youngster from a small town in Quebec says he was driven out of school by classmates who taunted him with chants of "Star Wars Kid! Star Wars Kid!" says the news story. Somehow I doubt this video cast him down from Mr. Popularity to the butt of everyone's jokes. Stupid is as stupid does...hopefully stupid didn't equal payday here.

(In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen this goofball, you can see the original and all the remixes here.)

Monday, April 03, 2006

2006 Baseball Predictions

The 2006 Major League Baseball season is upon us, with the champs defeating the Angels in last night's Sunday night opener. My beloved Yankees open their season on the road in Oakland tonight at 10:05 my local time--with my body still getting used to the weekend time change, I'm going to be in bad shape tomorrow. Here are my picks for the season, lifted from a comment on one of Blowhard's posts, with the comments updated just a little bit. Yeah, yeah, lazy post, I know. Just wait until tomorrow's update.

AL East: Toronto (my vote for most improved team, and they're young and hungry)
AL Central: Chicago White Sox(the champs prove last year wasn't a fluke)
AL West: Anaheim (still the team to beat in the West)
AL Wild Card: NY Yankees (they edge out the Red Sox and A's)

NL East: Atlanta (pretty much by default)
NL Central: St. Louis (fuhgeddabout the National League, best team in baseball)
NL West: San Diego (absolutely by default)
NL Wild Card: NY Mets (keeping in mind that all of their new players will lose 1/3 of their talent the moment they put on the Mets uniform)

ALDS: Anaheim over Toronto, White Sox over Yankees
ALCS: Chicago over Anaheim

NLDS: St. Louis over Mets, San Diego over Atlanta
NLCS: St. Louis over San Diego

World Series: St. Louis over White Sox

Everyone bookmark this post so you can come back and ridicule me in November.